We want CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE to become a name of healing throughout the community.  CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE has several community events planned.  Please stay connected with us to get the latest announcements and events both virtually and in person.  Please share our website with your friends and family members.

Queremos que CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE se convierta en un nombre de curación en toda la comunidad.  CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE tiene varios eventos comunitarios planeados.  Por favor, manténgase conectado con nosotros para obtener los últimos anuncios y eventos tanto virtual como en persona.  Por favor, comparta nuestro sitio web con sus amigos y familiares.

Nou vle CANDLELIGHTS pou yon CURE pou vin yon non gerizon nan tout kominote a.  CANDLELIGHTS pou yon GERI gen plizye evenman kominote te planifye.  Tanpri rete konekte avek nou pou nou jwenn denye anons ak evenman yo tou de pratikman ak an peson.  Tanpri pataje sit entenet nou an ak zanmi ou ak manm fanmi ou.


We invite you to send us your memory of your loved one, lost to COVID-19.  You can email their photo and your happy memories to  Our sole purpose to create a pleasant memorial for you to share and remember.


By submitting, you give CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE permission to publish the photo and memory of your loved on on the website of CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE.  We are not responsible if this information is reproduced for other purposes.

Get vaccinated...
According to the Chief of CDC, there is an epidemic among the UNVACCINATED.  As cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rise in the United States, the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday, July 16, 2021 that the latest COVID-19 outbreaks are largely among unvaccinated people and in communities where vaccination rates are low.

Get vaccinated...

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Join CANDLELIGHTS for a CURE as we host an outdoor candle vigil to give honor to all those we have lost in Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip, NY to COVID-19.  Our purpose is solely to remember those we have lost.  If you would like your loved ones name called out at the event, register his or her name by clicking the button below.


April 14, 2022
6pm in Brentwood (tba)
after the vigil, we are planning on hosting an after party to network, fellowship and release some steam.

If you would like your loved one's name called out at the event, register his or her name by clicking the button below.