Blessings Sis I know it's sooo late but just wanted to tell you what an honor to be a little piece of such an amazing Evening. What a wonderful start to your memorial...CUDOS to you my beautiful Sister. Thank you! Thank you!🏼  -Brenda Allison

Good evening  Alicia. Thank you so much for the Candlelight Service. I didn't relize how deep my grief was for my brother Nathaniel Brown Jr. and Keith Allison who died two days apart on Dec17 and 19th. Thank you for caring  for the community.

Love you much.  -Betty Greene

"Thank you for doing this!  It’s so heartwarming that you are doing this for all of us who lost our loved ones to this horrible virus". -Barbara Schneider 

"OMG this is such a beautiful thing" -A.A.

"WOW, this is great! I have not seen anything like this done in the community" - M. McClure

"thank you so much for doing this"

United Health Care

"This is is a wonderful thing you are doing for the community, thank you so much" Fidelis Insurance

Our community is based on working as a family not as individuals. What you are doing is fantastic and if I can be of any assistance, please no matter what, please call on me".  -Manny Troche